Well, on April 6th I had my Skype interview with Sara from Greenheart Travel for the Teach in Thailand program. It was very casual and we discussed my past travel and teaching experience.

Sara is just wonderful, super friendly, and it wasn’t so much of an “interview” as a meet-and-greet. She mentioned that she had received all my documents necessary: passport information, background check, copy of Bachelor’s degree, etc.

She would then send off my portfolio to their partners in Thailand for a final review, and I would hear back from her in a week or so…

It was the next afternoon when I received the email!

I am so relieved to be accepted to the Chiang Mai October 31st start date like I had hoped and applied for. The Chiang Mai course fills up quickly, and I will also be there in time for the Loi Krathong/Yi Peng lantern festival! I sent in the commitment deposit the next day.

After that I received the official “Welcome to Thailand!” email with so much information I haven’t even read it all yet! I literally cannot wait.

“Hi Marina!


Congratulations! You have been accepted to Greenheart Travel’s Teach Abroad program!

You are about to take a brave leap into a truly life changing experience. As a Greenheart Travel teacher you’ll be helping us to accomplish our mission of making social responsibility and environmental action a global way of life, a mission we could not fulfil without you. You will be directly affecting your students and their futures, through English education. At the same time, we hope this experience will help you grow as a global citizen as well, and change your life in an impactful way.” 

I seriously can’t tell you how loud I screamed! 😆


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