Hanuman Monkey in Rishikesh

Hanuman Monkey in Rishikesh

My best friend Roxanne and I had checked into our simple yet charming room at a guesthouse in the Tapovan region of Rishikesh, close to Laxman Jhula. I went out to the balcony to catch some fresh air and enjoy the mountain view. To my surprise, I encountered a neighbor already inhabiting the area.

At first I was so startled – I quickly jumped back into the room. These guys are huge. I was thinking, “Who know what it is capable of?” They aren’t the little monkeys that I am used to (Rhesus Macaque, and watch out even they can be defiant).

I mustered the courage to go back outside again, and it was like he didn’t see me at all. He wasn’t phased by me in the slightest – not a care in the world; so serene. I threw him a biscuit and took some pictures.

Their (Gray Langur) faces are beautiful- they have these big beautiful wise eyes and striking black faces. I had seen this type of monkey a few times in India, but never had an intimate interaction like this.

I know them most commonly regarded as Hanuman monkeys, referring to Hanuman the God in the form of monkey and purest devotee of Sri Ram. They are so incredible, and it was a wonderful experience to see one close up.


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