Eat. Philly. Veg.

There are a ton of awesome funky vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Philly. So instead of elaborating any further – Let’s jump right into it! Here is a highlight of my five favorite favorite favorite Vegetarian/Vegan restaurants in Philadelphia:


Govinda’s Restaurant 

 Govinda’s is small and cheap place, and they’ve got lots of soy meat options – the vegetarians/vegans of the world can finally feast on a Philly Cheese Streak! 🙂 They’ve got so much great stuff in a very unassuming laid back atmosphere. 

If you read my post “5 Vegetarian Spots in New York City” I speak about the Bhakti Center. Govinda’s Restaurant is built on a similar foundation. Govinda means the Lord/Protector of the Cows, referring to Sri Krishna the cowherd boy of Vrindavan. In the Bhakti tradition, eating prasadam is a fundamental practice, and one should abstain from eating meat, fish, eggs, garlic, onions, and processed foods that hinder spiritual growth. 

At Govinda’s and at the Bhakti Center, these meals aren’t simply food to fill your stomach,  but rather they are “prasadam“. Prasad is food that has been offered to Radha Krishna and therefore becomes completely spiritualized. 

At Govinda’s you can buy donation-based small books at the front counter. If you are interested in a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, and want to adopt a more ethical diet, I highly suggest you look into this book that they sell:

A Higher Taste outlines the benefits of a meatless and non-violent diet, explains the process of prasadam, and describes how to adopt a new diet full of Spiritual Food. Please check it out if that interests you! 🙂

Govinda’s is located South Street & Broad.

Blackbird Pizzeria 

Blackbird Pizzeria is a causal vegan restaurant that looks like any other small pizza joint. But they’re creations are anything but ordinary! This place is a true hidden gem. In addition to pizzas they serve desserts, salads, wings, calzones, and sandwiches, etc.

It’s a rather small, narrow spot just off of South Street. Really great food that you order at the counter – a definite oasis for vegans in desperate need of a pizza-fix!

Tattooed Mom

A few steps away from Blackbird Pizzeria is Tattooed Mom located on South Street and 6th. I love this place so much – the vegan eats are tremendous and I love the laid back vibe. Everyone is really friendly here, it’s super quirky and cool. As soon as you enter, you’ll see the bar and tables lining all the way to the back.

They’ve got an entire vegan menu: burgers, chicken wraps, steaks, quesadillas, you name it! They’ve got great unique draft beers. It’s such a chill spot, I came for Halloween and it was so awesome to see everyone’s costumes!

And the kitchen is open until 1:30AM, for those late night vegan munchies! 😉 Total hidden gem!


This awesome restaurant is located at Samson and 18th Street, close to Rittenhouse Square. This is a great place to grab a quick  healthy bite or get some vegan take-out. Their philosophy is Eat Well. Feel Good!

I ordered the Crispy Hipcity Ranch Chick’n sandwich (incredible), with a side of sweet potato fries, and the carrot-ginger lemonade! 

Awesome joint if you are looking for a place in Center City!

Front Street Cafe

Officially my favorite restaurant in Fishtown! It’s really spacious inside and has two floors. I sat outside in the tranquil courtyard garden area.

I absolutely love everything about this place! It’s located right on the corner of Thompson St. & N Front Street, where the Septa train tracks run along. FSC is a New American rustic Farm-to-Table spot that also has meat options.

Okay the Menu: they literally have everything! Organic juices, smoothies, coffees, organic teas, tea lattes, draft kombucha! Cocktails, Wines, Drafts! They have breakfast available until 4pm. They’ve got $2 Tuesdays beginning at 5pm, Meatless Monday dishes are buy-one get one half-off after 5pm, it’s endless!

I myself went for the Vegan Breakfast Tacos:


Also another perk: Tongue & Groove installed an interactive chalkboard mural out front called Before I Die! It’s for the Fringe Festival and I believe it’s up for a few more day/weeks? So check it out soon!

Bonus! Some other great spots to check out:

V Street  |  Vegan spot serving dishes inspired by street food around the globe!

Veggie Lovers  |  Low-key eatery with vegetarian Chinese classics. Close by is also New Harmony Vegetarian Restaurant

Snap Kitchen  |  A friend of a friend works here! They’ve got grab-and-go style meals and juices, all organic and healthy! Meat options as well.

Bar Bombón  |  Vegan Puerto Rican 🙂

Vedge  |  Vegetarian & Vegans eats in a old mansion!

Vegan Tree  |  Located on South St. in between Govinda’s and Tattooed Mom

Charlie was a sinner.  |  Vegan dishes at a dark, sleek cafe/bar

The Rocket Cat Café  |  Funky Fishtown cafe with light vegan eats

Indeblue  |  Awesome Indian restaurant with Veg options!

Thank you for reading along! Anybody been to any other great vegetarian or vegan spots in Philly? Leave a comment below! Any Favorite Dishes? 😉


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